Our children

Our goal is to Ukraine was without orphans!

We really want to do so that would be in Ukraine were not orphans. “It is not possible” – you might say. To which we reply that if the goal is noble, it is possible. The impossible just need more time.

Here are some steps that we want to take to achieve this goal:

1. Create DDST (family type homes). Search for dealing with this people, and on the basis of their homes do DDST. If necessary, improve their living conditions. To support financially. Assist in the preparation of documents.

2. To inform our society about the problem of orphans in our country. Bring home to people the idea that other children do not happen.

3. Assistance for specific families who want to adopt one of two children.

4. Emphasis want to make the sick orphans. They have the hardest. Also for these children will find my father and mother, perhaps among those parents who have a biological child with similar disease and the family has the experience and strength, how to deal with this disease.

What exactly do we do in this direction:

At this stage we finish building the DDST, which can accommodate 5 orphans. Foster mother has three children – two biological and one adopted daughter. But that she decided not to stop and take in the family has four children. First of all, the kids are taken with insulin-dependent diabetes.

Advise young families who want to take the child to the family. Assist them in the preparation of documents.

Church began to inform about the problem of child abandonment and motivate Christians to take orphans into their family.

Carry out the action “Give children the heart.” The action aims to raise funds for the completion of DDST, inform the inhabitants of the cities of our project, to find like-minded people.


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