Presentation of the project “Ukraine without orphans”

Dear friends!

We are pleased to provide you with a report on a meeting-presentation of the project NGO “Vzayemopomich” “Ukraine without orphans”, which took place:

March 18, 2014 at 17:00
in the building Oblagrobirzhi, at October 66

The meeting was attended:
17 people


1. The Director of NGO “Vzayemopomich” Gumennyy S.V.
2. The head of the project “Ukraine without orphans”
Vlasenko O.P.

General information about NGO “Vzayemopomich” and realized its projects in the past 2013:

– Prevention of juvenile delinquency. (Lectures at the school number 3 and number 4 School)

– The target collecting money to help sick 15 year old child Soroka Sergei.

– Organization and holding of charity concerts.

– The collection of funds for the purchase of medical equipment in DGKB Poltava.

Currently, in 2014 – launched a new project NGO “Vzayemopomich” – “Ukraine without orphans.”
Meeting and presentation of the project “Ukraine without orphans” was held on March 18 in a friendly and warm atmosphere. During the presentation was disclosed the essence of the project and announced the next goal. During the communication, to the questions and their questions were answered.

I would like to particularly thank the people who responded immediately and incorporated into the project. Someone helped tips, someone wishes, there were those who offered real help in the repair of the orphanage and information support of the project.

Oksana Petrovna in his address to the volunteers and those present at the meeting told about his life and how she was going to his dream to create a family-type homes for orphans. About how from school had a strong desire to take a family of orphans, about how to deal with volunteering in a boarding school and as she took in a foster family girl Nastya. This dream she carried throughout his life, and now has the opportunity to implement it.

On her effort was purchased the house in which she decided to create DDST (family-type orphanage), at Poltava, st. Address: ul. Semiprecious 13/1. For the means Oksana Petrovna made in it partial renovation.
Now we need to, namely: a small repair on the second floor, the purchase of furniture and kitchen.

Outcome of the meeting:

All those present at the presentation unanimously decided to support the initiative Vlasenko Oksana Petrovna and all sorts of methods and for each in-house to help her complete the renovation of the house and arrange it accordingly to create the DDST.

The project “Ukraine without orphans”, expresses heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to the meeting and everyone who is helping us to spread this information in Ukraine and the Internet.

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